How do you know when a woman has had sex for a long time?

It’s no secret that sexual relations are very important for one’s development and well-being. Anyone, man or woman, who has had sex a long time ago shows some signs. What are these signs in a woman? 

An unpleasant mood 

One of the most obvious signs that a woman is sex-starved is that her mood will often change. Surely, there is a reason why some women are called “badly fucked”. 

This reflection is directly related to the fact that for most people, a woman who has not had sex in a while will be continually unpleasant. From a scientific point of view, this moodiness can be explained by the decrease of certain pleasure hormones. 

Indeed, it is noted that in case of abstinence, there is a drastic decrease in the hormones that interact during sexual relations. These include: testosterone, dopamine, serotonin, luliberin, endorphins and oxytocin. 

They bring happiness, provide stress relief and occur either when there is sexual desire or when there is an orgasm. When there has been no stimulation for a long time and there is a shortage of sex, it is not surprising that a woman is irritable. 

A provocative attitude 

A woman who is sexually deprived will also have a very specific body language. Everything in her body expression will appeal to sex. Indeed, she will have a more seductive look, a more swaying gait, more languid gestures, etc. 

However, these signs do not mean that she is vulgar, far from it. This is a very clear sign to take into consideration to discover a person in love. It often does not deceive. 

Moreover, a woman who desires a man will try to seduce him with a provocative gesture. The enticing smile, greedy lips, the hand that lingers, are all physical signs that show that a woman wants you.