How to recognize a sadomasochist?

In the search for intense pleasure, certain practices have emerged in the adult world. Composed of painful and quite particular sexual games, they are also known as sadomasochism. Although they are fashionable, what is it really?

The concept of sadomasochism

Sadomasochism is a set of sexual practices based on pain, humiliation and domination for pleasure. This name comes from the combination of two expressions, sadism and masochism. They derive from the name of Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, Marquis de Sade, whose works describe pleasure through sexual submission.

If sadism wants the search for pleasure by inflicting pain on others, masochism puts you in the position of prey. The partners reproduce quite hot scenes ranging from spankings to burns as well as feline imitations. The roles can be reversed whether it is the man or the woman.

However, with the advent of dildos and sex objects, the practices have evolved a little more. In addition to those mentioned above, some couples even go so far as to chain or handcuff each other for maximum sensation.

A physical and mental pleasure

The practice of sadism and masochism is a complement to an already fulfilled sexuality. The partners are in perpetual search of new forms of sensation. For the person being dominated, their vulnerability and loss of control over the situation causes a fairly satisfying hormonal response. 

The pain and the sexual excitement provoke both physical and mental satisfaction. The main characteristic of a sadomasochist is their tendency to have no interest in pain outside of the sexual setting. As a result, some partners claim to be truly happy in their sexual and couple life.

The value of setting limits

In the same way that pleasure reaches its peak, it can very quickly go beyond the limits. The sadist can take advantage of this to get revenge for a previous conflict. This is why it is important to set limits from the beginning. 

Setting boundaries is centered on a word or phrase that is meant to make everything stop. Most often it is a “stop” or “stop”. In this case, finding the right partner is important. The partner must be mature enough to understand that you are both looking for mutual pleasure.